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CIEP Guide - Punctuation: A guide for editors and proofreaders (PDF VERSION - NON-MEMBERS ONLY)    
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Gerard M-F Hill
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Punctuation: A guide for editors and proofreaders (2021)

Punctuation is an aspect of language where editors and proofreaders are constantly taking decisions, no matter what type of document they’re working on. But how do they decide? Gerard M-F Hill offers a reason-based approach to punctuation and its uses, to help achieve maximum clarity and consistency for the reader. The guide covers:

  • what punctuation is, what it does and why we need it
  • how the main punctuation marks are used in British English
  • some lesser-known marks and notes on US punctuation
  • an informed, long-term perspective on how punctuation has changed, is changing and will go on changing
  • useful resources to take you forward in your learning
  • a handy glossary covering language-, grammar- and punctuation-based words and terms.

Over 100 real-life examples help to build your understanding. Snippets of punctuation history and trivia keep things fun. Whether you need help with hyphens or confidence with commas, or want to find out what curly braces do, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge and insight into punctuation here, and some ideas you may never even have considered before.